Also read: How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle From Munich: A Comprehensive Guide, Sara’s passions in life are travelling, writing and eating. Low-cost tickets are just a few clicks away on our App or website. After 44 FlixBus trips, I would give them a rating of 4 stars! Although tickets on the LA-Vegas route were available for as low as $2.99, mine was $4.99, since I wasn’t one of the first c… I simply had to enter my pick-up and drop-off points and my departure and return dates. 0 Reviews . On long journeys, you can expect occasional rest stops but it’s unlikely to happen during short trips. Hear candid reviews from people who have tried and tested FlixBus, not once, not twice, but several times. clicked here and purchased from my affiliate link. 30 seconds later the bus drives past him as he is trying to flag it. Largest bus network in Europe. | Read 1,261-1,280 Reviews out of 5,280 However, no information or instructions were given on when was the next bus. Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) Here’s what others had to say about why they didn’t like FlixBus: “Once, my overnight FlixBus from Milan to Grenoble was cancelled due to bad weather as there was heavy snow causing the roads to be blocked. Tell us about your experience with Flixbus: Your name: Your email address: » View 15 Deals for Flixbus « Reviews 112. Horrible traffic, a broken down Wi-Fi router, delays — any of these can result in a trip that is painful for the rider. FlixBus Reviews: The Good and The Bad With a 1.5 star rating online, is FlixBus really that bad? 0 Reviews . Choose from over 2,500 travel destinations in 34 countries and discover Europe with FlixBus. 4. BUT I could not recommend this company. Join the 737 people who’ve already contributed. We had hoped to get the sleeper train, but by the time we worked out that the beds needed to be booked by someone in Hungary and tried that, it had sold out. Our route network. The other drivers were also really chatty and great at directing us all through passport control. FlixBus’ booking process is 100% fool-proof. Sara Amira Jun 10th, 2019 Your email address will not be published. Tell us about your experience with Flixbus: Your name: Your email address: Reviews 6. Background: Due to the amendment of a law the Deutsche Bahn doesn't have the exclusive right for long-haul ground transportation in Germany since january 2013 anymore. marketing solutions across multiple channels. For my trip from Hamburg to Cologne I tried one of the numerous new long-distance bus companies – in this FlixBus review I analyze the advantages and disadvantages of traveling through germany by bus. The bus was comfortable and on time and great interactive entertainment system accessible on your phone. you are. We always offer the best deals, plus a safe and pleasant travel experience. However, writing this FlixBus review in hindsight, it seems like these issues don’t best represent the normal service. Your experience matters. Every transit experience, whether it’s bus, air, or train travel, will have people who have had terrible experiences. The driver drove safely and the bus stopped every 3 hours for toilet break and a chance to grab food and beverage. On other situations, I also had to call FlixBus’ customer service a few times to change a booking (since changes can’t be done online with discounted tickets). After the trip, I emailed them to make a claim for my accommodation. Needless to say, I got on the bus first. For example, their La Spezia stop in Italy is simply by the side of a road. FlixBus: The Smart Choice for Travel. When I booked my ticket, FlixBus was running three buses daily from LA to Vegas. Their online booking system and accompanying app are also very well designed and are actually useful. 0 Reviews . The worst experience ever, paid much more (about 40% more) than the other bus services in Christmas time and having back much less. We've taken lots of busses during our travels, and FlixBus is the best one we've experienced so far. I simply had to show the QR code for the driver to scan. You get an email 15min later with a supposedly ticket but NO ADDRESS. . On one trip, people in front of me didn’t get their passport ready and while they were bending down to get the passports out from their backpacks, I shined the QR code (with my phone screen at maximum brightness) to the bus driver’s face and waved my passport at him. Marriott International Asia Pacific launches “Your Smile Travels A Thousand Miles” Campaign, How A COVID-19 Chinese New Year in Singapore Will Look Like This 2021, Rare Snowfall Seen in Yilan County as Cold Front Sweeps Taiwan, Australia’s Brisbane Enters 3-Day Lockdown After New COVID-19 Strain Case Reported, Be One With The Force at ArtScience Museum’s Star Wars Identities Exhibition, How the Hallyu Wave Redefined Travels to South Korea and Its Tourism, Partial Lockdown In China’s Hebei Province After COVID-19 Infections Rise, Japan Prepares For State Of Emergency in Tokyo After COVID-19 Cases Surge, Qantas Tops The List of World’s Safest Airlines for 2021. Flixbus offers private and affordable bus transportation for a number of areas across the United States. most affordable ways you can travel around Europe. while the others queue to get their QR scanned and reserve seats. This is a criminal enterprise. The early bird gets the least crappy seat Your experience matters. , especially if you’re on an intercountry trip. Absolutely not. Later, there was a message from FlixBus saying that they will pay for our accommodations (within a certain amount) and that we had to call them to reserve the next bus. Keep reading to explore what customers have to say about this bus service. Editorial | Contribute your travel stories or submit for safety and better aircon as the back of the bus is warm from the engine! I usually opt for overnight buses as it saves me a night on accommodation.” – Amanda, who went on 20 FlixBus trips, “My experience with FlixBus was that it was pretty affordable. He also cracked a couple of jokes as he scanned our QR codes. 9 Reviews . Our buses are equipped with large and comfortable seats, a toilet, Wi-Fi and power outlets. The app also allowed me to stay updated with the status of my trip such as when there’s a delay. As you’ll see in the rest of the review, the rest of my buses arrived and left on time. If you’re going to Europe anytime soon, I’m sure most of your friends who had have mentioned FlixBus to you. Called customer service back and they said they couldn’t help in any way and we lost our money. We’ve created this Flixbus review to help showcase the pros and cons! However, there will also be some shady characters on board. Bus drivers will typically ask you to put your luggage in the hold first before scanning your QR code. 1 Review . content enquiries. As soon as the others saw that we got in, everybody rushed to the back door. Free wifi though but the toilet was really bad.” – JQ, who went on 6 FlixBus trips, “On the bus from Berlin to Warsaw, the toilet was terrible. Despite the price, I was surprised that some of the typical millennials’ needs are provided on board, such as Wi-Fi and charging outlets. FlixBus: Nightmare bus trip - See 3,176 traveller reviews, 298 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Although most FlixBus stops are at bus stations, some stops are pretty questionable. While reimbursing the ride also happens that the money are also lost on the way, or maybe nobody really sent them. I was at the center at 4:30 waiting for the bus. Hello You Designs, The Cheapest Way to Travel Europe in 2020: The Ultimate Cheap Transportation in Europe Guide, A Comically Honest Wizz Air Review: Everything You Must Know Before Booking, The First Timer’s Guide to AirBNB (+ AirBNB Discount Code for your 1st booking! Sometimes it takes a while for me to get connected to a FlixBus representative, but the people on the other side were generally nice and polite. FlixBus has you covered with overnight bus connections! 4 Reviews . How many stars would you give FlixBus? Generally, seats were quite comfortable and had a good amount of leg space, at least for me. In fact, I went on 44 FlixBus trips including connections (yes, I counted). Join the 5,280 people who’ve already contributed. Flixbus: Overnight with Flixbus - See 262 traveler reviews, 69 candid photos, and great deals for Paris, France, at Tripadvisor. Rome2rio's honest independent FlixBus review tells you everything you need to know about choosing bus routes, booking tickets and travelling with this low-cost popular bus operator, incuding what Flixbus is like inside. Our onboard service. With as low as a 1.5-star rating online, do they really deserve such a low appraisal? And I believe that they provide the best option for bus transport around the continent. When you just want to travel from A to B with minimum expense, that's where FlixBus comes in. If there’s one thing you take away from this Flixbus review, let it be that overnight buses are the devil, and should be avoided at all costs. How many stars would you give Flixbus? Your bus schedule between Berlin and Hamburg. From short one-hour commute from Grenoble to Lyon, to 14-hour long intercity journies from Paris to Hamburg, the wheels of FlixBus took me there. Here is my review! 5 Reviews . Of course, you must always stay vigilant on your travels but with for bad apple, I believe that there are hundreds of good ones. If you’re going on your first FlixBus trip or want to have a better FlixBus experience, here are some tips you got to jot down: So does FlixBus deserves a 1.5-star rating online? Once the bus hold opens, chaos usually ensues as people want to board the bus first. Hear candid reviews from people who have tried and tested FlixBus, not once, not twice, but several times. 6 Reviews | 2.0 Rating Visit Site Reviews Reviews Trust Score Trust Questions & Answers Q&A Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. Flixbus Reviews. I've posted this in the Croatia forum too but I'm not sure where it's best:. - See 3,161 traveler reviews, 297 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Obviously, the two-hour Flixbus service is better. Their app is also just as easy to use. Flixbus review - cheap and rude Italian drivers don't care about anything except when they can have their next cigarette - the second they're out of the bus they light up, like sad pathetic addicts. I booked my ticket on May 16, 15 days before departure. But overall, the amenities came in useful when I needed it most, such as when I had to finish an assignment on the go. From getting cute reactions from babies to having small talks with my seatmates, every FlixBus trip is different. But most of the times, there will be a bunch of people waiting around for their buses as well, so it doesn’t hurt to double check with them. We are now looking to travel on the overnight flixbus service. FlixBus: Overnight bus with NO toilet - See 3,194 traveller reviews, 299 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. My online bookings can be synced to the app so I didn’t have to print any tickets. Enjoying this brutally honest Flixbus review so far? Comfort on board. Bus travel and environment. At 4:55 the bus was supposed to depart . Being one of the cheapest modes of transportation across Europe, people of all demographics travel with FlixBus. For example, there are about eight daily bus departures from Grenoble to Paris. I boarded the buses without any expectations having only heard of FlixBus in France. Their website is so easy to navigate that I can make my ticket purchase in 2 minutes. Next was choosing my preferred timing, followed by payment and I’m done! The bus driver chuckled and asked us to relax. Here's our review of Flixbus. No FlixBus review would be complete without a whole section devoted to the onboard toilet. Click here to see a map of all their routes. if you’re going on multiple long trips and always search online for discounts. With a 1.5 star rating online, is FlixBus really that bad? You could fall asleep in Los Angeles and awake to the sights of Las Vegas. One time, people formed a snaking queue at the front door of a double-decker bus, while we (knowing better) we were the only ones at the back. Soon you will be able to arrive in every major city in Europe overnight, due to how rapidly our night bus network is developing. When we reached the bus, we were breathing heavily and apologising to the driver while searching for our FlixBus app on our phone. 48 Reviews . Other aspects were generally okay; good legroom, free seating and okay wifi.” – JQ, who went on 4 FlixBus trips. When she’s not in a window seat of a plane, she’s either cafe-hunting or exploring new neighbourhoods. When you arrive at the transit center , no signs or whatsoever for flix bus. Even a small pain point, like a seat that doesn’t properly recline, can become a major annoyance on overnight buses. Find schedule between. I had a flight to venice and I lost it because of 2 hours of delay from BOLOGNE. Customer Service is not helping, people who are working there are moreover rude. Don’t get me wrong, I actually loved that I didn’t know what to expect when boarding a FlixBus. All reviews always on time. Avoid this company, absolutely. There is a direct service — but it leaves Palm Springs at 2 a.m. and arrives in L.A. at 5 a.m. on your phone and save your tickets for a hassle-free check-in process! Seoul or Tokyo: Which East Asian Capital Should You See First? Or perhaps from The Hague to Paris, another alternative overnight bus route. No rebooking, no discount - zero help. Also, it was pretty convenient to trace the arrival of the bus with the app.” – Talia, went on 6 FlixBus trips, “The positive is that Flixbus is always on time or pretty punctual, and the check-in process is quite smooth because you just need to show a QR code from your app.” – Eunice, who went on 5 FlixBus trips. Drawbacks of Taking an Overnight Bus in Europe. Our overnight bus travels are actually surprisingly efficient: no other means of transport is as energy efficient and produces such a small amount of greenhouse gases per person as our buses, in comparison to planes, trains and cars. There are also several bus timings to choose from per journey. Being one of those typical broke exchange students, I relied heavily on FlixBus as a cheap way to explore the continent. Flixbus is the worst company of busses in the entire fuc*** world. The buses are clean and they usually arrive and depart on time. I think one of the driver is not used to the route so there were several times taking the wrong roads so we were late about 2 hours. FlixBus: Nightmare bus trip - See 3,176 traveler reviews, 298 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. Now that 2019 is coming, I was expecting to travel on 2000’s bus at least, but it was an 90’s experience (almost 30 years ago). Whether I’m heading down to the Southern end or exploring Eastern Europe, I could easily find a FlixBus trip to take me there. As compared to flights and trains, FlixBus is definitely the cheapest way to traverse across Europe. FLIXBUS: The worst bus company. FlixBus' goal is to provide you a convenient, affordable and easy to use bus service. FlixBus: Smelly Bus!! Ordered flixbus from Las Vegas downtown to Los Angeles. Was told no one had checked in yet, don’t worry he will get on the bus and we will help you. Once, a group of armed police officers stormed up the FlixBus I was on and arrested a man a few seats away from me. If you’re travelling solo, say a prayer, throw your bag in the hold and then rush to join the queue. Mask wearing policy is not adhered to - avoid. 5 Reviews . If you’re travelling with others. Given the cheap price, I think their bus conditions and service are pretty good. Flixbus is one of the most popular, easily recognizable and established bus companies in Europe and USA that offers intercity bus service. ), How to Book the Perfect Hostel Every Time: A Step by Step Guide. 46 Reviews . With tickets costing from as low as €5 (~S$7.70), FlixBus was a total godsend! FlixBus: Decent bus service - See 3,168 traveler reviews, 298 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. I was only aware of the cancellation when the bus came and the driver informed us and that FlixBus will contact us. Despite this, I have to say that I never once felt unsafe on a FlixBus. :) After much travelling (and vlogging that has yet to be edited), I am back for a week and thought I would film a quick Fix Bus Review for you! I found them to be kind of icky and delayed like seven times out of ten. FlixBus Reviews From Users. Being one of those typical broke exchange students, I relied heavily on FlixBus as a cheap way to explore the continent. Since I wanted to be on the inaugural trip and board at the origin, I chose the 5:55am departure from the University of California, Los Angeles, in the city’s Westwood neighborhood. So the next time you’re going on a European adventure, consider taking FlixBus to travel across the continent. It was fine because we were not in a hurry. Most bus drivers that I encountered were really kind to me. TravellerDWM wrote a review 19 Nov. London 425 contributions 164 helpful votes. With the cheap price, of course I didn’t expect everything to work all the time. Although such things do happen, they’re pretty rare. Since my exchange university’s timetable (irritatingly) differs from week to week, I could still catch a convenient bus time slot on Friday to head out for a weekend trip. The eco warrior in me is very happy indeed. Here’s what others had to say about why they liked FlixBus: “It’s cheap! And I got NEVER notified about this. But there was no reply for weeks and I decided not to pursue it.” – Felicia, who went on 25 FlixBus trips, “It was shit because the toilet is literally shit. Hi,we are a group of 5 girls looking to travel from Budapest to split on the 14/15th July. These kind of stops are not well indicated; I had to keep my eyes peeled for a small lime-green FlixBus sticker on bus poles to find the right stop. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, FlixBus is one of the biggest bus companies in Europe that offers significant coverage in the region at affordable prices. The bus did not come and any information on whether the ride was cancelled or delayed was not received. In fact, I went on. There are also location marks on the app so you can check whether you’ve reached your stop (because sometimes stops do not have proper signages to tell you where you’ve reached, Make sure you do not reach late unless you’re lucky enough to get a bus that is delayed because, because sometimes the bus gets delayed, resulting in you missing your next mode of transportation. I could only use the Wi-Fi for a limited period and some charging outlets were faulty. That is like 1hour and 30 minutes away. Disgusting. Since there are plenty of competitors, it can be hard to determine which is the best. It just says downtown Las Vegas 1st street. 112 Reviews | 3.0 Rating Visit Site Reviews Reviews Deals Deals Trust Score Trust Questions & Answers Q&A Coupons Coupons. Press | Send us your Press Releases & Media Invites. Potential for limited sleep; Just like an long haul flight, you might not get too much sleep on an overnight Flixbus — it just depends on how creative (and tired!) When you’re travelling on a bus, you have no control over the service stops so you want assurance that the onboard facilities will be good enough. My friend also told me that she was almost robbed on board. “Train” service between L.A. and Palm Springs, a 100-mile drive, takes between five and 12 hours and may involve a fun two-hour bus ride. Usually from my sleepy West ern Massachusetts campus into Boston or down into NYC. and. Comfortable seats and extra legroom allow you to relax and sleep all the way to your destination so you’re fresh and ready to explore your new city when you wake up. Hello Again Everyone! However, when I got back home in Singapore, I was quite surprised to find that there is a generally negativite feedback about FlixBus. Overnight Buses in Europe: the Berlin to Amsterdam Flixbus This stems from the fact that I took buses in college a lot. Advertise | Cut through the noise with integrated I was first introduced to FlixBus during my university semester exchange in France. We were worried for nothing! Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) And don't expect anything to be returned from lost and found, the mafia will make sure you never see your lost items again. You can easily book your tickets online, via our app, in one of our shops or directly from the bus driver. Sounds good! A post shared by It’s about the journey (@feikje.meeuwsen), A post shared by Marito Marquez (@marito_marquez_zx6r), FlixBus also has many routes all over Europe. The FlixBus was a ghost lost in the night. Flixbus Reviews. Therefore you can explore Europe on one of our environmentally friendly, fast and comfortable night buses. I missed a train due to delays and the ticket came up to 100++ euros” – Eunice, who went on 5 FlixBus trips, if possible to skip the jam or peak periods” – JQ, who went on 6 FlixBus trips, How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle From Munich: A Comprehensive Guide, Popular Basketball Anime ‘Slam Dunk’ Will Be Made Into a Movie, Malaysians with Singapore PR Can Return for Leave Under PCA Scheme. Plan your bus trip and jump on board feeling completely relaxed. Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset Road, If you’re going to Europe anytime soon, I’m sure most of your friends who had have mentioned, I was first introduced to FlixBus during my university semester exchange in France. Once, in Milan, a friend and I thought we were going to be late for our bus, so we ran from the train station with our large backpackers’ bag (we felt like we were on an episode of Amazing Race).
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