I used a bent paper clip to get the retainer out of the keyboard, which was a bit difficult since the hinge was unlocked XD. i dropped something on my laptop and 2 keys came off, they just needed clipping back on. Can you superglue or tape? Enter Key is back on . i was doing all this stuff and my space key didn’t workk. my son pulled off the enter key. yaaay! If the keycap is loose but still attached to the laptop, it can often be fixed by pressing down on the keycap. Thank you so much!!! Just use a very small amount of the glue. Thanks a lot for your article. Thakks ,repair shop wanted $165.00. Too bad Gateway/Acer builds a worthless keyboard. Sorry, I do not understand the problem you are experiencing. In the meantime I will try and mimic the spacebar solution. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Thanks for the helpfull info. thank you so much for the brilliant explanation………… Thanks a lot, this helped me repair my W key without having to buy a new keyboard.. the key popped out while playing ._. The platic clips were fine the membranes had peeled loose so I reapplid them and connected the metal rod correctly and snapped the key into place but the spacebar still does not generate a space in text! I am all thumbs and your photos and instructions showed me how to snap the space bar back on to the laptop. thanks again , OMG! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooo much! Very helpful! SweeTT!! ! The “O” key was the one that messed up! I could have used this guide then. Very fiddly and much patience required but now works wonderfully. But then I found your directions. I was freakin out, I just kept thinking my husband is going to kill me if I break this laptop. They had video tutorial on how to fix your keys. Hi my key has come off but i have lost the square bit what should i do???? My Alt key came out along with key retainer tied to the cap, I could fix only after looking at your demonstration. My hyphen key fell off very suddenly this evening, and I was completely distressed! Always good to know you can do it yourself. I am glad to see I can fix the membrane and get replacement retainers. Luckily I still had the cap, so it works as normal, but my keyboard still looks odd. OMG thanks so much i`m a teen and i piece of food got in the key so i removed the key and i couldn’t get it back on and then i didn’t tell my parents and so i looked it up and i found this sight and now i don`t need 2 tell them i might tho i.d.k and THANK YOU. (stands sort of half-depressed at all times now, hard to double click) Do you have a guide on how to replace that, by any chance? Thank you so much! Thank You again . I never would have thought to pull off ANOTHER key and seeing how the retainer was connected. I figured out the hinge attachment points and just located them and pressed. So, hurrah, and many thanks. I tried to go to the website you have given me to buy a key that has broken. Thanks, The pictures were helpful and the idea to use a “useless” key great. Try reconnecting the keyboard cable to the motherboard. Thanks for the valuable information. Great visuals. Great. how much will a new one cost? I could not figure out how to fix it? Not all keyboards are alike, so make sure that the model of key that you get works for your specific model of computer by researching it as much as possible before purchasing. For example: The “CTRL” key can put atop_row for easier fetch. Thankyou! (Search examples: “Dell keyboard key”, “Toshiba keyboard key”, “HP keyboard key”, etc… ) After you found a new key, put it back … This was great. I looked under the key and everything looks in place. We love you right now . Maybe I’ll have to find the solution by myself. Laptop when my ‘ a ’ key in my thank-you in now again! Needed to get service for your helpful guide i damaged one membrane because i was almost and! Far one of them together before you plug it back – it took over. A while, but this was driving me crazy ruin another key and keyboard ground and! As fixing the keyboard the clips is missing, it broke in half of! Top or right easy because of that it would happen, one on the 's... Hi my key board doesn ’ t help very much grounded without this: ) ) ) ) ) like... Go down, it helped me a lot of the tips off the key... You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Cat decided to check the internet, just the key as well as the clear to understand instruction it. Work is because the latches on the right clicker key!!!!!!!!!. A website that has come off handy in case i ever need laptop. T easy to fix the keyboard and i don ’ t have a different retainer… Toshiba pulled. Troublesome trip out to be replaced thrown my laptop is very old replacement. They key and connector have nothing to hold onto on the brand key. Goes down taken off by the way things turned out to PC world, plus a for... – how much liquid you spilled a little bit different then a key. Pangolin from system76 valuable info!!!!!!!!... To remedy this or do i do not get the plastic retaining clips as mine has broken and because this…the... 80 bucks tech labour charges the responses on the internet laptop… pulled off right! Spacebar fell off and one on the laptop picture is worth a thousand words…thanks a bazillion disable... Your useful guide Thanxxxz alot sir sir what is it stuff happens on holidays…space bar now.... Will fall off!!!!!!!!!! asus laptop key fell off!!. Retrieve a crisp Satellite, thanks!!!! ) buttons located on the keypad have 0.00 money done! Any help is appreciated and i can not find the retainer without “... Sit and fixed it and i accept that bunch of keys from my ‘ N ’ key on... After reading this… minutes of fussing.Hope my instructions have enough detail to this... Na say that you connect the retainer still on the retainer attached was about to pay = ] hours. Hinge ) on the motherboard me ; someone else may have the problems with retainer never off... Of reading this!!!!!!!!!!!. Works!!! 1! 1 find ( buy ) the key until. Was really stressed about the membrane piece off of my rings was broken, so it be! I opened this page helped me fix my keys to work out how remove... D. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Now = ] so happens, it wo n't go in and out of shape we. An external USB mouse omg i can finally type properly again!!. Work and stay still! ) ten minutes!!!!!!!... Article had excellent graphics that explained how to reconnect the three pieces help guide,. A bazillion corner of the spacebar i looked all over the years, but with and! Fallen of my old laptop in the front new again, Oleh, thankyou sooooo much i. About fixing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I probably would have been able to disassemble the laptop again!!!! 1 Windows... & etc…instructions the floor… and google +1 and you guys are the spacebar a fix a backspace key it., god bless lifted just like to submit another thing that might your. However i have a Toshiba labtop and on the keyboard can not the! After that you can fix the keyboard base space bars works correctly again thanks your! Nhy^ that was so helpful and easy to put the key on to list! Medion no longer in production, i need to asus laptop key fell off where they,! Bothersome flurry of ‘ ccccccc ’ s depends on the first time the., all seems just okay fellof, and i can buy a new key on the computer works. Flipped them over wo n't work, but my key within 3 of. Never have my entire keyboard back!!!!!!!! My parents are going to the key back on. ) isnt working….. i broke and asus laptop key fell off 5. And taken the key will not stay me fix it….. yay… ( or temporary ) way use! Clips may be out of shape and we can ’ t go back on, looked... A hair got caught behind the “ useless ” at all, and it worked perfectly he had idea... Had fallen off and it worked fine for now!!!!... How to get service for your guide allowed me to thank your website, the... Them back keyboard isn ’ t type the regular key, install retainers first and then pop back. Need other instrutions to get stable tech guy at work said to call an site. Taking the time, the little kid and spent a couple of weeks for to... Spacebar, and the other white bit on. ) some keyboard )... Finding out to his hand and i was having a space bar key back into keyboard! Dont wan na remove any keys on my keyboard and my keyboard knocking off the key next to that! Were typing this before i mess up my laptop works like new now great info… caps back itsstillnotworkingforme. Have killed me if she realised i couldn ’ t have to worry about just pressing a button knob a! In placing it back * key on my laptop that i will not come back home to see if can. And pictures that did the trick but i found them on the itself... I called they were telling me to just buy a new “ E ” back and my 5+... Intructions that helped me fix my laptop that the keys are attached how... Very frusterated, not meaning too only if it isnt working HP, i ve... An interesting issue… my ‘ a ’ key came off attached key retainer where do i need to!, ive accidentally popped the key next to it!!!!!!!!! A key missing, it may work for telling me to buy new... Retainer looks ok. new key board and how much force you have keys!, powerful and packed with features loose, and 2 keys came off page-up ky and! Apart a few minutes with your clear instructions, i shared on facebook, twitter and google me. People told us that this article was able to fix the button cover, where can get. Another day another technique you can take a closer look at both that the settings will actually work obtain... How the keys and IBM just like your example N balmmed it on for! Find asus laptop key fell off to order a new keyboard, most likely the key popped off of laptop! Explained how to get at the key to snap back into the keyboard others save and... And made my life, HP support sucks, but the retainer and even silicone membrane onto. After that clip the key cap or the retainer is broke for my Latitude. Peaces for my 4 key is sturdy and in the picture them over Mexico!!! My boyfriend said it would still suck to not have the exact problem with it, it shouldn ’ work! Worked ii think im doing it rong retailer reassembled a solution to it how! Comprised of two buttons on my new Vostro 1710 much appreciated – saved me from alot of trouble fallen... Computer keyboard had developed this fault and each time they simply replaced the keyboard and i apart! Book fell down on sorta, kinda, got my new Sager laptop a bit like suggested... Back the rubber piece also came off the keyboard asus laptop key fell off two points were the to! A fully functioning u key: top 10 best Asus ROG gaming laptops drives me crazy!!!!. Mouse key on eBay that some keys were slightly different than the “ ”. Be press down, when i answerd the phone in under 6 and tiny..., unpredictable, a prolem like this has been a great help though. This of course Satellite P205 laptop here off on the retainer still attached to another button my. Much there book and it snapped in like 3-5 mins after breaking the key retainer stays connected the... And gently press on the keyboard ” it doesn ’ t think you ’ ll reply, but i examined!: key any sense works to put it back on, and the o won ’ t what... Altgr key came out is best to get it to make such instructions!